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         Wolfpack Puts the Bite on Cobras!
      Preparing to Slay the Dragons

The Cobras were sure of a win. After all, it was a home game and they were coming into this game with a great 2-0 start. When they game planned, they surely knew that if Detroit and LA could limit the Rattlers to only one receiver and no other offense, that it would be their day.

The Cobras forgot about the 12 legged beast. Yep, the Wolfpack. These guys have been there all along, but in this game they got to howl. We spoke first about the injury to Frank Trentadue. Coach Wolfey, "It's too bad, he was on a role, he was playing really well. Near so many sacks. In the last game alone he had three or four pressures. To me, in these league, it's not as good as a sack but in this league, it's important. He was doing a great job bringing a lot of the heat, coming from the middle. Then to see his hamstring go down, boy it's not good."

RR: This has to be killing him, not playing, he worked so hard to get into the league. RW: Yeah, it is, he's one of those guys that don't sit around very much. You know, all these guys I have so much respect for and how tough they, but I am telling you, he is right at the top when you want to talk tough guys. Right at the top! And I am talking about guys I've been around, that played 15, 20, 40, 80 years in the NFL, I don't  really care.

RR: Coach White has found a position coach for this unique job in the AFL, the fullback, linebacker that we are calling the Wolfpack. We want to let the fans and the league know more about what the FB/LB position is. RW: Absolutely, It is football, I have said it before and I continue to say it once again. If football is about contact, if it is about collision, it is about blocking and tackling. Therefore, what is it that the Mac, FB/LB does in the Arena game. That is all he does, yeah he gets the obligatory carry, catches a screen pass every now and then. But that guys main purpose in life is to walk off that field with snot and blood coming out of his nose. That's not an exaggeration, you see these guys. Every one has a little calcium deposit across their brow, we are talking Neanderthal for these guys. I mean it is not a pretty job. It is toughest job in all of football. I don't care if  you talk CFL, NFL,  football when the Vikings played it, back in the day of Scandinavian raid the village and play a game of football. I mean it is the toughest job on this planet to sit there and take on a man that has a five yard sprint at you. Play after play and just build that calcium deposit until you really look like a low brow. That's football to me. If you wanted to show aliens what the game of football is about, you would line up a fullback put a Mac backer about four yards away and go at it, run at each other full speed, huge collision. They would go OK, oh yeah there is a ball too that you need.

The fact that I get to coach these guys, to be around them, how much respect I have for them. It is so much fun, it is hard for me even to describe it. And for me, you that is saying something. Because you know me, it leaves me speechless, it really does. These guys are the Kings of the sport.

RR: The first two games were both winnable but things were out of whack and having no pre-season, how would you sum up the performance of the Wolfpack in the Carolina game. RW: I would say we did OK. I think it would be hard for me to say we really played well because I was the type of guy that if I even had two minuses out of 40 plays that I played, man those two minuses really bothered me. In general, I don't think there is a group that has whipped us yet. Can we play better, boy you had better believe it. We can play better, we really can. We are going to. My guys are so unique, each one of them. When you talk about the three main guys that have been going.

You have Bo Kelly, Mr. Offense, great pass technique, he is a pro, Bo Kelly is a pro. Then all of a sudden you have his opposite. I don't want to say Frank Trentadue can't play offense because he can. Frank shines when you just hang that pork chop in front of him and tell him to go get it. Defense suits Franks' mentality that much better and it's one of the reasons why he is as good as he is as a defensive player. He just has that Pavlov dog mentality. Then you have a Joe Jackson who is right in the middle of those two. Joe can do some offensive things pretty well and he can do some defensive things pretty well when his intensity level is good. So it is a unique situation with all three guys. They all bring something a little different to the table. I think we are playing ok right now.

RR: Is AJ Novak going to play this week, or will you go with an extra lineman. RW: We don't know yet what we are gonna do. AJ, when you look at him you say he is too small there is no way he can play in this league. We had a running joke going, that there was way that he was 250 pounds, but he is. He's thick, he is one of these guys that carries his weight very well. He looks a lot smaller than he is, he is strong, he has unbelievably quick feet, he has some athleticism to him. But he is still a rookie and is still learning. He is making some mental mistakes on offense and that is really where it is hurting him. I think we can put him out there and he might actually surprise some people on defense and on special teams. But you have to be able to be dependable on both sides of the ball and he is still learning. I could see a day when you could run him out there. Is it going to be this week? I have no idea, I am like the quality control coach here, I am the bottom feeder, I don't make those decisions, they do.

#2 Bo Kelly
Rushing, 17 yards on 6 carries and a Touchdown. Receiving, 2 catches for 8 yards
On defense he got his paws on a tackle.
#16 Joe Jackson
Rushing, one carry for 4 yards. Defense credited with a tackle
#32 Frank 32
Defensive starter and had several pressures before he went out with a strained hamstring. Frank could be out for several games.

Keep in mind that the 12 legged beast is called upon to do many strange and difficult jobs in every game. Their stats sometimes never appear in print. But if you are watching a game and out of the corner of your eye you see an opponent go flying by, for no apparent reason. Rest assured that a member of the Wolfpack was on patrol. We heard the fellas feasted on the delicacy of fried Cobra after the game, they were however disappointed. Too many bones and not enough meat. But never fear, the Pack is set for a full blown barbeque as the New York Dragons come into the Snake Pit. How nice of them to bring their own fire for the pit barbeque. Happy Hunting Wolfpack.


AJ Novak - Rookie


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