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On Air Interview 2/25/09
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Cassie Gannis was on the air Again Amazing Performances Host Kevin Pakos 2008 to talk about her pro racing career.
Aired on Wendsday,  25 2009 Amazing Performances Broadcast.


By: Kevin Pakos for Sports and Entertainment News.

Why Isn't this Kid in School? I'll tell you what, if I can catch up to her, I will ask her.....

  Or NOT... She, Cassie Gannis is on the Fast Track, and I do mean fast. She is on her way to breaking into the NASCAR circuit as a driver and it is unlikely that anything I drive could catch her now.

She is a strapped in, totally focused, normal everyday teenage girl with great parents, cool friends and just happens to drive 200 plus miles an hour on weekends. How great is that?

She is racing full time at Irwindale and will be joined by High Points Racing owner Tim Huddleston, also head of Driver Development.
Visit Her Website SQUIRT RACING Irwindale Speedway CA
Cassie Close Up!

I spoke to her mom Kathy and this is what I found out about this Amazing young lady.

This is her senior year of high school, tell us about it!
Cassie is a senior at Desert Vista High School in  Phoenix and maintains a 3.5 GPA She only has to go half a day. She attends school from  8:30 to 12:30 PM. She is very close to the number credits to graduate. She only  needed 2 more units but has to take at least 4 classes under the law.  The  school is very understanding and supportive of her career. And Cassie communicates well with her teachers which they really appreciate. She gives them  plenty of notice on days she will miss and makes arrangements for tests and  assignments that may be

What  is the family life going to be like with Irwindale in the  picture? Cassie has been racing on the weekends for a while now.  She will just be traveling farther now. So family like will pretty much be the  same but Cassie will be doing a lot of traveling to CA on the weekends. She is a  driver with a high profile team now so all she does is show up and they have the  car ready. She tells them the adjustments she needs after practice and they go  from there.

Is the family relocating?
No, not at all. For now she will be flying in on Friday  and returning home Sunday. Both kids have been frequent flyers since they were born  so they are very used to it

Will  one of you be with her in Irwindale most of the time?
Either myself or her father, John will be with her since she is a  minor. There has been one time recently she flew to California herself because they had  to put in her seat and make some final fits. She flew there and back in one day.  She spent the day with her team going over the car then returned later in the day. If she has to go by herself on a rare occasion we have the utmost  respect for Tim Huddleston of High Point Racing and his team. They have a great reputation. (Since we also have another daughter, Alexis, playing  Basketball at  University of Portland on a basketball scholarship, John and I  will be tag teaming between the 2 girls)

When  does she go there and how long is her season?
She leaves Phoenix after school on FRI then returns  home SUN. Her season is March to November

Do  they have a car just for her?
Yes, they build her a new car! Her car number is  56. It is a late model.

What about the car she has been driving, what happens to it?
Our team owned Super late model #7 will become a  sponsor show car and will also do teen driving safety events in CA, NV and AZ. A  passion for Cassie is her Teen Driving Safety platform. She has spoke at high  schools, colleges, AAA events and Boys and Girls Club safety days. If she saves  one life it is all worth. She has been so blessed it is very important to give  back. She will race exclusively under the direction of Tim in  California. And she will race our Super Late Model at Tucson and the Bullring  when her CA schedule permits.

Where are Rick Butler and Blue Media in the relationship  now?
Rick Butler will help when we are in Tucson. Working with Andy at Blue Media is fun. Blue Media does the team owned car wrap. She will also do their product shows to sign autographs for Blue Media.
Other products sponsors: Impact racing, C and M  Industries, Flash
, 5 Star Bodies, Red Hawk Graphics and GAT  Racing
She is represented by MPM Marketing, Tonya McCallister,  out of South Carolina. She can be contacted for sponsorship  information-803.361.6199


On Air Interview 2/25/09 Hear it NOW!    

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