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Game Day Locations / Maps
Phoenix: Thunderbird High School: 1750 W. Thunderbird Road Phoenix AZ 85023-6307 (MAP) Located on the NE corner of 19th Ave and Thunderbird in N-PHX
Flagstaff: Coconino High School: 2801 N. Izabel  Flagstaff, AZ 86004  (MAP)
Prescott Valley: Bradshaw Mountain Middle School 12255 Turquoise Circle  Dewey, AZ 86327. (MAP)

Tucson High Magnet School 400 N. Second Ave Tucson, AZ 85705 (MAP)

From both the Phoenix area and from SE AZ, Take I-10 to the St. Mary's exit in Tucson. Turn East, follow curve, it becomes 6th St

Casa Grand at Coolidge High School  684 W. Northern Ave  Coolidge, AZ 85128  (MAP)

Cienega High School
12775 E Mary Anne Cleveland Way
Vail, AZ 85641

**Schedule is subject to change. Check on (WEATHER) on (ROADS)


2013 Schedule & Scores - Playoff Scores scroll down
Admission: Adults 13 and older $5.00, kids 6-12 $2.00 and children 5 and under FREE. No pets allowed. Except seeing eye dogs.
  Teams play on Saturday, Jan-May - JOIN CONTACT

Game Times: Tucson/Casa Grande,  Flagstaff & Prescott Valley  12pm, 2:30

PHX: 4 games: 12pm, 2:30, 5pm, 8pm

The 8pm game in PHX is always LIVE on  KXXT 1010 AM AZ Sports Network.  * In front of games indicates radio game is subject to change.  Team on Left is Home team and will be on Main stadium side.
2014 Team Applications being accepted now!
W-1  1/19 
Crusaders 15 Knights 12
 Video.  Photos 
Predators 0 Hitmen 28
 Video.  Photos 
Stampede 40 Dragons 8
 Video.  Photos 
Eagles 0 Warlords 8
 Video.  Photos 

Soul Patrol 18 HHunters 0
 Video.  Photos 
Demons 17 Wolf Pack
 Video. Photos 
W-2   1/26
Moved to end of Schedule to be played on 4/6/13 rained out
W-3  2/2
Standing Pat
Dragons 18 Soul Patrol 41
 Video  Photos  
Wolf Pack 21 Predators 0
 Video  Photos    
Stampede 0 Warlords 20
 Video  Photos  
HHunters 14 Demons 22

 Video  Photos  
Hitmen 21 Crusaders 6
 Video  Photos 
Knights 0 Eagles 9
 Video  Photos  

W-4 2/9 Standing Pat
Warlords 20 Predators 0
 Video  Photos 
Soul Patrol 54 Knights 0
 Video  Photos   
HHunters 43 Dragons 6
 Video  Photos   
Crusaders 0 Eagles 25

 Video  Photos   
at Coolidge High

Wolf Pack 25 Stampede 24
 Video  Photos    
Demons 21 Hitmen 7

 Video  Photos .
W-5 2/16 
Standing Pat
Hunters 28 Crusaders 12
 Video  Photos    
Stampede 35 Predators 0
 Video  Photos   
Warlords 41  Dragons 6
 Video  Photos   
Demons 7 Soul Patrol  16
City Championship
 Video  Photos    

Hitmen 0 Eagles 3
 Video  Photos   
Knights 0 Wolf Pack 18
 Video  Photos .

W-6 2/23 Standing Pat
Radio GOW Intro 
Predators 0 Hunters 35
 Video  Photos   
Wolf Pack 15 Eagles 6
 Video  Photos   
Warlords 32 Crusaders 0
 Video  Photos   
Rule the North Bowl
Knights  6 Hitmen 22
 Video  Photos   

TUCSON (SP) Cienega
Turf Field play Rain shine. 
S Patrol 20 Stampede 14
 Video  Photos   
Demons 47 Dragons 6
 Video  Photos     ..
W-7 3/2 Standing Pat  
Radio Intro GOW
Crusaders 18 WolfPack 27
 Video  Photos  
Eagles 9 Demons 14
 Video  Photos  
Warlords 30 Soul Patrol 12
 Video  Photos  
Hunters 30 Stampede 13
Roster H Hunters - Pede  

 Video  Photos   
RADIO: 1st Half 2nd Half

Hitmen 34 Dragons 8
 Video  Photos   
Knights 40 Predators 0
 Video  Photos    .
W-8 3/9  Standing Pat  
Radio Intro GOW
Eagles 21 Dragons 6
 Video  Photos  
Warlords 36 Knights 6
 Video  Photos  
Stampede 6 Hitmen 13
 Video  Photos   
HHunters 40 Wolf Pack 0
Roster: Hunters / WPack

 Video  Photos  

Radio: 1st Half  2nd Half
Demons 34 Crusaders 8
 Video  Photos   
Soul Patrol 34Predators 0
 Video  Photos  

W-9 3/16  Standing Pat   
Radio intro GOW.
Predators 0 Demons 34
 Video  Photos   
Eagles 3 HeadHunters 32
 Video  Photos   
Dragons 0 Crusaders 12
 Video  Photos   
Wolf Pack 0 Warlords 32
Roster: Wolfpack / Warlords
 Video  Photos 
Radio: 1st Half  2nd Half  

Hitmen 14 Soul Patrol 21
 Video  Photos  
Knights 0 Stampede 14
 Video  Photos   .
.Video Download Instructions .
W-10 3/23  Standing Pat
Radio Intro GOW  
SOBB Bowl  Champs

Dragons 12 Predators 6
 Video  Photos   
Soul Patrol 20 Eagles 17
 Video  Photos   
Crusader 18 Stampede 22
 Video  Photos 
Warlords 8 H Hunters
Roster: HHunters / Warlords
 Video  Photos   

Hitmen 7 Wolf Pack 22
 Video  Photos   
Knights 8 Demons 14
 Video  Photos   

Deuteronomy 5:16
“Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

W-11 3/30 Standing Pat  
Radio Intro GOW

Predators 6 Eagles 51
 Video  Photos  
Crusaders 0 SPatrol 30
 Video  Photos   
Dragons 0 Wolf Pack 42
 Video  Photos   
Stampede 12 Demons 19
 Video  Photos 

Hitmen 14 Warlords 20
 Video  Photos   
Knights 0 HHunters 35
 Video  Photos   

Rest In Peace Mom, CU n Dad in Heaven! Music 4U.
Matthew 25:21 His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
W-12 4/6 Standing Pat   
Eagles 12 Stampede 34
 Video  Photos   
Med-Evil Bowl II.
Dragons 0 Knights 13
 Video  Photos   
Predators 6 Crusaders 24
 Video  Photos 
HeadHunters 18 Hitmen 7
 Rivalry Game.
 Video  Photos   
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at Coolidge High
684 W. Northern Ave  Coolidge, AZ 85128  (MAP)
Wolf Pack 7 SoulPatrol 22
Conference Championship
 Video  Photos   
Demons 9 Warlords 14
 Video  Photos   
10,000 Reasons - Song
W-13 R1  4/13 PO
Standing Pat.Radio
#1 Warlords 10-1 22
#8 Stampede 5-6  0
Video  Photos 1 2

#2 Soul  Patrol 10-1 14
#7 Eagles 5-7  0
Video  Photos 1 2 

#4 Head Hunters  9-3  7
#5 Wolfpack 7-4  13
Video  Photos 1 2

#3 Demons 9-2 13
#6 Hitmen 5-7  6
Video  Photos
W-14 4/20 Semi's

#1 Warlords 11-1 12
#5 Wolfpack 8-5 10
Video Photos 1 2 

#2 Soul Patrol 11-2 15
#3 Demons 10-2 16
Video Photos
1 2
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4/27 No Game BYE
Radio KXXT 1010 AM
8PM to Midnight
Player and coach interviews looking back on the 2013 season. Talking about the upcoming 20th Year in 2014
Steve Dutson, and Devin Jones - Golden Knights donation page for medical expense after accident..
W-16  5/4 Finals
8:00 PM LIVE Radio
#1 Warlords 12-1  12
#3 Demons 11-2  7
  Video  Photo 1 2 3

  Game Program
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Championship Rings are by Josten's. Players purchase them thru their team. Your team owner will have all details.
More news coming soon
New team applications closing soon.  If you want to be a part of the 2014 season, time is running out.

2013 Team Photos
Get Ready
East Valley Warlords will host a National game in December to kick off the 20th Season of the Arizona Football League. Check back for details.

T-Shirt design by Nikki Zupan. Ring by Steve Pappas, Matt Belarde

There has been a Division and Conference re-alignment for the 2013 season. To see the 2012 final standings  go here.


2013 will be an 11 game regular season. Teams will play each other once. There will be a Champion in each Division. Conferences will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. State will be Champions and Runners-Up or 1st and 2nd.

Division Champions are based on  games only inside Division.

Conference Champs based on games only inside Conference.

Top 8 Teams overall from both conferences will be in playoffs. Division champions not guaranteed a spot.

C = Conf Champ / D = Div Champ 2013
North Division South Division
Flagstaff Hitmen D 5-6
Yavapai Golden Knights** 2-9
Cave Creek Dragons 1-10
Tucson Soul Patrol*/** D 10-1
Tucson Desert Demons 9-2

Casa Grande Wolfpack 7-4
West Division East Division
WV Head Hunters*/** D, C 9-2
Phoenix Eagles 5-6
SW Stampede 5-6

Warlords of EV D, C ** 10-1
Scottsdale Crusaders 3-8
Tempe Predators 0-11
2012 Champs * = Conf. ** = Div

When your High School, JUCO or college career is over, Stay in the Game. The Arizona Football League has teams around Arizona Playing Club Ball January - May. AzFL Alumni include Deuce Lutui-NFL, Chad DeGrenier, Gerard Williams and Siaha Burley - AFL. Stay on film, stay eligible, PLAY.

ASPN Radio the Arizona Sports Network celebrates it's fifth year of broadcasting by hosting the Arizona Football League for a live game on the radio every Saturday at 8pm. Games will be broadcast from the field on KXXT 1010 AM and streaming to
The AzFL begins it's 19th season of play on January 2013 when the regular season begins. Join us at Thunderbird High School or listen on the radio as we feature the best in Arizona Football.

Join the AzFL Broadcast team as the bring you play by play coverage of the Game of the Week at 8pm. Plus interviews with players and coaches for all six games from Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott Valley and Phoenix.

Tune in online Saturday 8-Midnight ASPN Arizona Sports Network Online around the world Saturday 8-Midnight KXXT 1010 AM
8-Mid Sat (PT) KXXT 1010 AM
Call 602-296-3632
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Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?
Run in such a way as to get the prize.1 Corinthians 9:24
To the Victor goes the spoils! To God be the Glory!
Player Transfers
Transfers from team to team are not permitted after 3/16/13.
0 regular season games left
Playoffs Begin 4/13
Top 8 in playoffs
Power Rank after W 13
D-Div Champ C-Conf. Champ
Record / Power Points / PA against
1. WarlordsD,C
2. S Patrol D 3. Demons
4. HHuntersD,C
5. Wolfpack

6. Hitmen D
7. Eagles
8. Stampede
9. Crusaders
10. G Knights
11. Dragons

12. Predators
10-1 /20 / 64
10-1 /20/107
9-2 / 18 /105
9-2 / 18/ 89
7-3 /14 /168
5-6 /10 /131
5-6 /10 /135
5-6 /10 /169
3-8 / 6 / 230
2-9 / 4 / 217
1-10/ 2 / 327
0-11/ 0 / 334
Video Download Instructions

Audio - Why they Play
Listen as coaches and players talk about why they are in the AzFL
Be the Game!
2013 had 12 Teams

2014 has 14 & Growing
It Just Got Harder.

14 Teams - One Title
40+ Communities Represented

Flagstaff Hitmen

HC Jeremiah Smith
GM Jaime Smith

Yavapai Golden Knights
HC Steve Cordero
GM Debby Cordero

 Scottsdale Crusaders
HC Lynn Autry
& OC Byron Autry

Phoenix Eagles
HC/DC Mike Lee
OC Robert Lee Gray
Tempe Predators
HC Ruben Arvizu
OC Nate Moore

Warlords of the East Valley

Owner/OC Steve Pappas
HC Jonathan Roundtree
GM Nikki Zupan

Tucson Demons

DC Daniel Armenta
GM Amber Martinez

Cave Creek Dragons
North-Central Phoenix
Owner: HC Sean Enna

West Valley Head Hunters
Surprise/El Mirage
Owner Bubba Hense

Southwest Stampede

Owners: Sean Lanzaratto, Lou Cadriel

Tucson Soul Patrol
HC Jamie Russell

Casa Grande Wolf Pack

Anthony LaBarbera
Chris Braybrooks
Phil Williams
Anthony Nava


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